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A Window To Optimal Health

Many people believe that if they are not experiencing symptoms or pain that they are healthy. This belief is not only inaccurate but damaging to one’s health.” Dis-ease” can begin in the body long before the client experiences any symptom or pain. Illnesses such as arthritis, diabetes, strokes, heart disease and cancer are some of the common degenerative diseases that can take many years to manifest.

What is Live Cell Nutritional Microscopy?

Live Cell Nutritional Microscopy is a procedure used in the alternative-holistic care field to show the effects that nutrition and lifestyle plays on health.  A drop of blood from the finger is placed on a slide and is viewed by both the practitioner and client under the microscope at a high magnification. When the client is able to visualize and understand the effects of diet, lifestyle, exposure to pollutants and stress they have the opportunity to make changes required, as well as identify some of the hidden factors that prevent them from enjoying optimal health. Nutritional Microscopy can be used as an aid to help educate and empower the clients with the necessary changes to restore optimal health. Though it is not in any way to be used as a diagnostic tool, it does help to get the client onto the right path, through proper diet, supplementation, and lifestyle changes. For those clients with degenerative illnesses it can be used as a complimentary aid.

What Can Be Observed?

Indicators of possible:

  • Vitamin and mineral deficiencies which could lead to degenerative conditions
  • Digestive problems such as poor absorption of fats, proteins and other nutrients
  • PH imbalances
  • Poor circulation and oxygenation
  • Toxicity or stress in major organs
  • Chemical/metal toxicity
  • Immune system function
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Cardiovascular risk factors
  • Triglycerides and crystal formations
  • Free radical cellular damage
  • Allergic tendencies
  • Bacterial, fungal, and parasitic activity
  • Condition of Red and White Cells

Live Cell Pictures

Healthy Red Cells

Healthy Red Cells

Poor circulation Liver Stress

Poor Circulation
Liver Stress

Protein Deficiencies/Imbalances


Digestive Imbalances

Digestive Imbalances

Iron Deficiencies

Iron Deficiencies

Why Use Live Cell Microscopy?

Live cell can reveal distortions of red blood cells which reflect nutritional status, such as low levels of iron, protein, vitamin B, folic acid and fatty acids. Incomplete or delayed digestion of fats and proteins can also be observed. Since live cell analysis focuses on blood at a cellular level it pays specific attention to the consequences of nutritional imbalances and deficiencies, identifying factors such as incomplete digestion, improper assimilation and inadequate nutrition for the cells optimal functioning. Live cell takes the guesswork out of diet determination and the selection of appropriate supplementation. The blood acts as an education “feedback mechanism”, motivating clients to improve their diet, lifestyle and proper supplementation where necessary. Recognizing toxins and using detoxification or cleansing techniques are also important as they remove pathogens and toxins from the blood, which could affect proper body function.

Positive changes in the structure of blood can be viewed over time as improved nutrition and detoxification can impact the blood. By working with your naturopathic doctor, the blood results can be used to complement existing protocols to best suit your specific need.

How To Prepare For The Test

You should be fasting for at least 4 hours prior to the test, especially if there is greater concern with the digestive system. It is important to be well hydrated the day of your appointment. We suggest drinking plenty of water the day before and the day of your test. If you are on medication please inform us, so we will schedule your test according to your medication schedule. Do not stop taking your medications for the procedure.

What To Expect At Your Appointment

Upon arrival, a sample, which consists of a simple prick of the finger will be taken. It will then be placed under the microscope for viewing. You may leave once we have a sample or choose to stay and view the procedure. The practitioner will inform the client of the findings as they go through the indicators in the report. Once completed, the report is then sent to the client within 24 hrs. For your convenience we recommend that you book a follow-up appointment with Dr. Jason Lee at the same time you booked your live cell microscopy procedure, in order to review your report.

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