Suzin Goulart

Orthomolecular Microscopist


Suzin is very proud to be originally from Oakville. She has seen this little town with dirt roads and apple orchards turn into the wonderful and beautiful city it is now. She left her hometown to follow her education and career in criminal studies and psychology. Though her career was adventurous and rewarding, at 28 she decided to pack it all in and move to France. There she worked her way up to another successful career, in the fashion industry, of course.

She was first drawn to work in the alternative-holistic field back in the late 80’s when she was living in the south of France. She had a really nasty car accident that left her in a coma and requiring several surgeries and major medical care. Even though the medical field did all they could, she was still left with what she calls “collateral damage.” Constant pain, scars, emotional/mental fatigue and the stressfull/painfull conclusion that her dream career in the fashion industry had come to an end.  At this point her surgeon and medical doctor introduced her to what they called “complimentary medicine.” These treatments consisted of nutritional counselling, homeopathy, osteopathy, herbology, etc. Now her curiosity was about to turn into her career. Upon one of her visits to Oakville, her friends and family encouraged her to stay and open a clinic here in Oakville. She has been proudly sharing her passion, skills, and education with the community since 1993. She chose to share this story with you because she believes that proper nutrition has been a very important part of her life, as she is also a late stage cancer survivor.

Although Suzin started her career as an Aromatherapist and Herbologist, she has spent the last 25 years furthering her education in other modalities of alternative therapies, and in several areas and techniques in Orthomolecular Microscopy. She is now in current studies of Advanced Detoxification Nutrition.


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