Julia Trenkle

Certified Nutritional Microscopist
Reiki Practitioner
Certified Metabolic Balance® Coach
Holistic Nutritionist


From a very young age on Julia had a strong interest in nature and healing. Julia grew up in a small town in the picturesque part of Germany called the Black Forest. Woods and fields were only a few steps away from her house and she loved learning about the herbs that grew there and in the back yard. Caring for others and the strong wish to be able to help and heal was and is in her nature. It was only natural that she would pursue a profession in the health field and became a pediatric nurse.

When she met her husband she moved to Mexico. Just like medicine had always been a special interest, so was food and cooking. Needless to say that she readily adopted Mexican dishes into her cooking repertoire.

During her time in Mexico Julia met a medical doctor who was working with alternative methods of diagnosing and healing. Many of his instruments and remedies were from Germany. Working with him opened a door into a whole new universe of possibilities. Julia learned about biological age and its relationship to nutrition and lifestyle. It was then that she was introduced to Life Cell Microscopy.

Eventually she moved to Canada and after her youngest child was born, she decided to combine her love for healing and food and became a Holistic Nutritional Consultant. She was very pleased to be able to train in Nutritional Life Cell Microscopy and integrate this tool into her practice.

Julia firmly believes that everybody can tap into their body’s natural ability to heal. The first step is to be educated about how to best support the body. Nutritional Life Cell Microscopy offers a window into the body and empowers the individual to take charge of his or her own health.
Julia is very pleased to be part of the Innermedica team. She loves her work and enjoys helping others to reach their health goals.

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